Customer Success Stories


Luis, CA

I know that this is going to sound cliché, but thank you so much Private Student Loan Relief. I couldn’t have hoped to get out from under the mountain of student loan debt I have without you. As for what my future holds, I don’t know especially with Covid-19, but I do know it won’t involve getting in debt again once I’m graduated from your provider program and out of debt. The feeling of knowing I’ll soon be debt free is surreal and I’m never going back.


Michael, UT

If I hadn’t called this company and received their provider assistance in getting out from under my private student loans, I’d still be paying on them for the next 20 to 25 years. I was already struggling with my current monthly payment so I couldn’t imagine how hard it was going to be to pay them for the next 20 to 25 years. All I can say is that this company allowed me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I will now be debt free much faster than I would have otherwise.


Carrie, TX

It was obvious very quickly that I had called a professional debt assistance placement company that knew their stuff inside and out. Just after the first few minutes I felt a tremendous sense of relief from the stress I’d been carrying with my private student loans for so long. After I joined their provider law firm a big weight was lifted from me. I can sleep again knowing that I have the legal professionals dealing with my creditors now. I am very thankful to your staff.


Raymond, FL

”Thanks, USA Debt Relief Start Now I could have not gotten out of student loan debt in a reasonable amount of time without your assistance.  I am a believer in your company services and I will refer all my friends and coworkers who may have a similar situation.  Thanks Again especially to John!”


Angie, AZ

I had a ton of student loan debt and this company really showed me how I could finally get out of student loan debt once and for all in a period of 3.5 years verses 20 years.  I am finally able to put this behind me and focus on my career.


Kim, GA

I had been behind on my private student loans for more than a year and was worried and looking all over the internet and found this company that actually understood my situation.  They gave me a 3-year plan to invalidate my private student loans and also gave me an affordable payment that I could actually afford.  Thank you PVT Syudent Loan Relief for all your help!


Kelly, CO

I have been searching for a solution for my private student loan debt for several months and I am glad I found your company to assist me.  I really appreciate Mary helping me out with my student loan debts and consolidating them all into one affordable payment for only 42 months as oppose to 20 years!


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